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Sleeping Aids

Sleeping Aids
Done by Deer Cozy Nest, Dreamy Dots Powder Pink Done by Deer Cozy Nest, Dreamy Dots Powder Pink
2-3 Days
Brand: Done by Deer
The Cozy nest is perfect for baby's first sleeps and provides a feeling of safety when transitioning from mummy's tummy to bed, pram or on-the-go, where the Cozy nest can be a familiar environment.Pull the strings to adjust the size of the nest as baby grows. String stoppers inside the nest assure t..
Brand: Jane
GROWING BABY NEST - Reduction cushion - Encourages safe co-sleeping, allowing for possible use within the parents’ bed. Help your new baby get the rest they need with the Jané Growing Baby Nest. Gorgeously soft and comfy, it can be used anywhere around the house or when away from home, helping ..
Brand: Jane
GROWING PLUS BABY NEST - Cushion insert that helps co-sleeping.Sweet dreams with your baby! The Growing Plus cushion insert is especially designed to help co-sleeping.Make your baby feel safe and protected and prevent any heat loss with the insert cushion. Improves your baby’s quality of sleep!Gorge..
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