Djeco Ludo classic board game

Djeco Ludo classic board game

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The Djeco Ludo is a fun take on a classic game, be the first to move all four of your pieces to the centre of the board.

Contents: 1 playing board, 16 playing pieces (4 of each colour), 1 dice

Suitable for: 2 - 4 players

Suitable from: 5 - 12 years approx.

Box Dimensions: 38 x 16 x 3cm

How to play:

All of the players place their four pieces on the ‘animal’ space of their colour. The youngest player starts by throwing the die. Play then continues in a clockwise direction.

Moving the pieces: You need to roll a six to move a piece out of your animal space and onto the first space of your track. Once you have a piece in play, you must move it forward the number of spaces indicated by the die. If you have more than one piece in play you choose which one you want to move. If you roll a six, you must decide whether to play a new piece, or move one that’s already on the track. In both cases, you play then roll again. Once several pieces are in play, they will start to chase one another around the board. Pieces cannot overtake each other, so if one is blocking another’s path, the second piece has to stop on the preceding space. However, if you roll the exact number to land on a space already occupied by another piece, you can ‘bump’ it: take its place and send it back to the animal space of its colour.

Ascending to heaven After moving all the way around the board, each piece stops on the last space of its track – at the foot of the stairway to heaven. The steps are numbered one to six. To move onto step number one, you need to roll a one, then to move to step number two, you need to roll a two, and so on until you reach step number six. Finally, you have to roll another six after you’ve reached step number six to enable your pieces to leave the board.

Winning: You win by being the first player to remove all four of your pieces from the board. The remaining players can continue playing to determine who will come second, third and fourth. 

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