Mutsy i2 Urban Nomad Dark Grey Complete Combi Pushchair with Carrycot, White and Blue

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Why Buy Me?
  • Suitable from birth
  • Adjusts to multiple positions, including a flat, ergonomically correct sleeping position
  • Folds extremely quickly and compactly, even with the seat fitted
  • Height adjustable leatherette handle bar
  • Comes complete with carrycot, carrycot raincover & pushchair raincover

Mutsy i2 - Smart, stylish & light.

The Mutsy i2 (formerly known as the Igo) has a sleek design and is very versatile. It offers comfort and ease of use for both the parent and the baby. The i2 comes complete with an ultra-light carrycot that weighs only 3.4kg. The i2 seat unit has a soft cushion and can be clicked onto the chassis in rear facing mode and in forward facing mode. The sturdy i2 seat offers your child extra side support and the backrest can be adjusted to a fully flat sleeping position that is suitable from birth. This prevents the baby's back from being forced into a fixed position and allows your child to nap in a healthy and stretched-out manner. In addition to suspension on the back axle, the i2 chassis also has front wheel springs for extra comfort on rough grounds.

The i2 chassis can be folded into a very compact size that can easily fit into any car boot and is handy to carry and store.

The Urban Nomad Edition Series - Inspired by.. Urban Nomads

The Urban Nomads, carrying laptops and smartphones, live and work in urban areas. Instead of hiring office space they prefer to drop by a coffee bar to quietly work there. They have a flexible job and are mobile, switching one apartment for the next. They want to discover the world and raise their children in a challenging multicultural and changing environment and this involves a number of practical aspects. These trendsetters are aware of the environment, prefer to travel by public transport rather than by car, buy recyclable and biologically degradable packages and organise clothing swaps. They read the news and newspapers online. They look for sustainable and mobile solutions, without compromising the comfort and wellbeing of their baby or themselves. Emphasising ergonomics and flexibility, a trendsetting design that is compact, lightweight and easy to store and with natural colours and trendy leather finishing, this URBAN NOMAD edition meets all demands.

Package Includes:

  • i2 Pushchair with a dark grey chassis
  • Pushchair Raincover
  • i2 Carrycot with soft PAH-free mattress with breathable mesh layer & mosquito net
  • Carrycot Raincover

Why Buy Me?

  • Suitable from birth
  • Adjusts to multiple positions, including a flat, ergonomically correct sleeping position
  • Reversible seat (sleeping position can also be adjusted to face both directions)
  • Carrycot is mounted quite high on the frame. As a result, you will not hurt your back when you lift your baby in and out of the carrycot.
  • Folds extremely quickly and compactly, even with the seat fitted
  • Lightweight: only 8.4 kilograms
  • Converts fast and easily from stroller to pram when the carrycot is added
  • Height adjustable leatherette handle bar
  • Ultra-sleek design
  • Extra-layered mosquito net fitting under the hood to ensure good air circulation on warm days
  • Front wheels swivel 360° for more flexibility
  • Suspension on chassis and front wheels to guarantee child's comfort on rough surfaces
  • Complete with Raincover
  • The i2 in combination with the duoseat (available separately): This is the solution if you have children who are born shortly after each other. With a duoseat you can easily convert your pram so that it can carry two.

Unique features:

  • The strong i2 seat offers your child additional side support and can be adjusted to a completely flat sleeping position. This ensures that the infant’s back is not forced into a fixed position and that the child is able to stretch out and enjoy a healthy sleep in the pushchair.
  • The i2 chassis can be folded with the seat to an extremely compact unit that easily fits into any vehicle and is convenient to carry. The wheels can also be removed to create an even more compact unit.
  • The i2 carry cot is the lightest carry cot of its kind: it only weighs 3.4 kilograms! The extremely low weight is due to the unique construction and use of materials.

Unique Technical Features:

  • The front wheels are equipped with an integrated front wheel suspension, which improves comfort for the child, especially on bumpy roads.
  • The front wheel suspension ensures that the front wheels remain on the ground when turning the pushchair (Anti-Wheel Lift); this ensures stability and makes steering much easier.
  • The design of the central hinge at the top of the chassis is extra child-friendly.
  • The buttons on the handle bar are easy and light to operate, so that folding is much easier.
Product Specifications
Chassis Dimensions Folded L 70 x W 58 x H 39cm
Chassis Dimensions Open L 80 x W 58 x H 110cm
Carrycot weight 3.4kg
Chassis weight 8.7kg
Pushchair seat weight 4.5kg
Pushchair Suitable from Birth
Number of wheels 4

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