Cocoonababy Nest with Sheet, White

Cocoonababy Nest with Sheet, White

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Ergonomic cocoon, for all of baby's sleepy moments. For use from birth (from 2.8kg) and until the child starts trying to turn over or change position (approx. 3-4 months). 

High resilience foam (support and comfort without holding your baby's head in one place).

Unique semi-foetal position.

The cocoon adjusts to fit thanks to the wedge below the fitted sheet.


A feeling of peace and calm, in a space reminiscent of the mother’s womb…

Thanks to the enveloping shape of the ergonomic nest, your baby lies in a semi-foetal position, which helps to reassure baby and promotes deep sleep.

The contact of baby’s shoulders and arms against the cocoon limits the effect of the Moro ('startle') reflex, preventing unnecessary disturbances during your baby’s natural sleep cycles.

A combination of supportive and reactive foams, allowing baby to move freely and safely (unlike memory foam)…

Freedom of head movement limits the risk of plagiocephaly (flat head syndrome).

A comfortable body alignment — especially the head, hips and shoulders…

The cocoon’s slightly inclined position helps prevent and relieve symptoms of gastric reflux and colic, while the positioning of the hips and knees is ideal for baby’s physical development. 

When baby is awake, the slight incline also encourages interaction between you and your baby, as they don’t stare directly up at the ceiling.

An ergonomic design that evolves as baby grows…

The cocoon 'wedge' is repositionable with simple velcro fastenings and can be easily adjusted as baby grows, then later removed when it is no longer necessary.

A perfectly hygienic mattress…

The Cocoonababy® foam is protected by two removable, breathable and washable covers: A waterproof protective cover and a fitted cotton sheet.

The Cocoonababy helps:

  • Improve the quality and length of sleep.
  • Reduce waking with a start.
  • Limit reflux problems.
  • Minimize the risk of flat head.
  • Favour all-round development.


Waterproof, breathable full-protective cover, Fleur de cotton fitted sheet and Tummy Band.

Conforms to safety requirements.

Intended for standard size cots, with the cot base in the lowest position (the depth above cot mattress must be more than 50cms). Do not use this product in a moses basket, in a rocking cradle, or in a carrycot.

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