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Everearth Wooden Work Bench with Tools

Everearth Wooden Work Bench with Tools
Everearth Wooden Work Bench with Tools
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Everearth Wooden Work Bench with Tools
Everearth Wooden Work Bench with Tools
Everearth Wooden Work Bench with Tools

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Everearth Wooden Work Bench with Tools

This assembled wooden work bench comes complete with a hammer, snapper, screwdriver, vice, nuts and bolts. Learn about all the basic tools that people use to make things. Kids can use their imagination to be a carpenter.


  • Suitable from 3 years+
  • Eco Friendly toy & packaging
  • Made from quality wood
  • Comes complete with tools, nuts and bolts
  • Helps to develop hand to eye co-ordination and imagination
  • Size: 20 x 10 x 15cm

About EverEarth:


With over 45 years experience in the design & production of wooden toys. EverEarth's design team ensure that the toys that are manufactured deliver fantastic play value as well as stimulate the child’s natural development.

Environmentally Caring Materials

They take pride in being pro-active when it comes to using materials that are safe for our environment. In addition to using the safest materials, they are continually striving to improve their manufacturing processes.

An Ethical Manufacturing Environment for their Employees
EverEarth's employees are their lifeline and they make sure to take care of them. All of their facilities are audited by independent third party firms to ensure a healthy environment both physically and mentally for all of their employees.

They make things simple so you don’t have to. From concept to consumer, they are right there working with you every step of the way.

When it comes to children they don’t take safety lightly. All of their products are put through the most stringent internal testing, as well as through third party industry approved testing labs and meeting the required international standards as a minimum. EN71, ASTM.

They guarantee their craftsmanship and take pride in their work. All products that leave their production floor have gone through rigorous quality control checks at multiple levels.


Raw Materials

The Wood

The EverEarth line is manufactured with materials supplied from nurseries that have been certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), this is an international organization that brings people together to find solutions which promote responsible stewardship of the world's forests. 

They have actually recently purchased their own 20,000 acre forest, this forest is located less than 50km from their factories which also contributes towards the reduction in their carbon footprint.

The Paint

They only use water based paints, which use less chemicals than those acrylic based paints typically used by other toy manufacturers.

The Packaging

They do not encourage over packaging of their products. They only use recycled materials in their packaging and documentation, including their catalogues.

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